SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd is an active marine and civil contractor. We provide engineering and construction services including wharf and jetty services, heat exchanger services, steel fabrication and lots more..

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SAAEMSB Introduction


SAA Engineering and Marine Sdn Bhd (“SAAEMSB”) provides a wide range of integrated services and solutions in the Oil & Gas industry. SAAEMSB is headed by experienced management team. SAAEMSB is involved in the project management, piping and structural work, hook-up & commissioning and maintenance of onshore and offshore plants.

In addition to the above, SAAEMSB is also involved in the underwater work services. Notwithstanding the above, SAAEMSB is also positioned to diversify into various business segments that include marine services, material and equipment supply and other related Oil & Gas services.


Our Expertise In Maritime Industry

Construction Works & Services

Civil Construction Works

We provide civil structural construction works including steel fabrication, scaffolding, blasting and painting works. We have the assets, expertise and manpower to do it. You name it we build it.

Professional Piping Works

Through our expertise we can provide piping system structure constructions for Onshore Plant, Offshore Platform, FSO, FPSO, SBM and as the project requires.

Insulation Expert Services

We are able to provide you our expert insulation works and solutions for hot or cold conditions to fulfill your project needs.

Underwater & Marine Services

Marine Cargo Hose Expert Services

We are ready to provide you our best in Marine Cargo Hose Hydrostatic Testing, Assembly Works, Inspection & Change Out Works for FSO, FPSO, SBM and SALM.

Wharf & Jetty Maintenance Works

Fender’s and jetty associates services, repairs and maintenance work at your disposal. What ever hit by the wave we fix it.

Professional Expert Services

Pumps and Valves

SAAEM is able to provide professional Valves and Pumps services including maintenance, repairs, blanketing works and even consult you with solutions and designs to suit your project needs.

Heat Exchangers - Vessels - Tanks

Our strength lies in providing maintenance and repair services to Heat Exchangers, Vessals and Tanks.

Industrial Plant Services

SAAEM had actively participated in Plant Turnaround as a contractor and played its role amazingly as a part of the turnaround team players. The Shut-Down-Start-Up logic is one of our corporate strength. We are also an active Plant Maintenance Contractor due to our team of highly trained and experienced personnel to provide industrial plant maintenance to our clients even on demanding task routines and even emergency requests.

Our Clients


2015 – Provision to Supply Manpower, Consumables, Tools and Equipment for Membrane Element Replacement at Tangga Barat


Solar Alert Sdn Bhd

2014 – To Supply Materials, Manpower, Consumables, Tools, Equipment
for Piping Onshore PreFabrication Work and Offshore Installation Work
Wellhead desander installation at Sumandak

MISC Berhad

2015 – Provision of Manpower and Tools for Installation of Quick Release Hook for UBD project

2014 – Provision of Manpower, Materials, Equipment, Tools and Consumables to Assemble Mooring Buoy for FSO Angsi

FPSO Ventures Sdn Bhd

2016 – Provision of Manpower, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Fabrication Works at Water Ballast Tank (WBT), AFT Side Void Space and AFT Main Deck onboard FSO Puteri Dulang

2015 – Provision of Manpower, Materials, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Fabrication Works and Replacement of Corroded Piping onboard FPSO Bunga Kertas

–  Provision of Manpower, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Renewal of Helideck Perimeter Net onboard FSO Angsi

Kejuruteraan Bintai Kindenko Sdn Bhd

2014 – Jetty Maintenance including Scaffolding Works, Marine Ladder & Oil Spills Relocate at Mooring Dolphin B5 & B3. To include Painting works at MPS, and to supply Rigger and services

Amaniaga Resources (M) Sdn Bhd

2015 – Provide competent Manpower team, Machineries, Tools, Equipment, Consumables and Yard Facilities for Stringing 26 nos’s of Manuli Hoses including accessories

Kertih Port Sdn Bhd

2015 – Refurbish Quick Release Hook (QRH) and Capstan at B2 Q9, B2 Q7,  Scaffolding Erection at G7 PM CCTV,  Fabricate Grating Cover

Kertih Terminal Sdn Bhd

2014 – Replace 1” Branch at NH3 Liquid Line

Sungai Udang Port Sdn Bhd

2016 – Quick Release Hook (QRH) and Capstan at OB2, OB1 & Gangway

2015 – Jetty Maintenance Supply Plate, Pad, Manpower, Equipment, Painting for Fabricate and Install Protection Bar for Ladder.

Hose change out LCOT, Labuan

Hose change out LCOT at Labuan

Subsea and floating hose change at Sabah

Job subsea and floating hose change out SPM1 SOGT, Sabah successfully completed with Zero LTI.

SAAEMSB Family Day 2019

SAAEMSB Family Day 2019 to thanks all staff efforts in making us at SAAEMSB a successful company.

Installation & Hydraulic testing Marine Loading Arm (MLA)

Installation & Hydraulic testing Marine Loading Arm (MLA) Petronas Dagangan Berhad Prai


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