SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd is an active marine and civil contractor. We provide engineering and construction services including wharf and jetty services, heat exchanger services, steel fabrication and lots more

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    Dredging, Reclamation, and Civil Works

    With expertise in specialized dredging, coastal protection, and structural repairs, our team prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility. We ensure safe navigation, environmental sustainability, and the longevity of marine structures.

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    Marine and Buoy Services

    Excelling in marine construction and maintenance, we prioritize safety and innovation. Our seasoned professionals deliver tailored solutions, from wharf maintenance to buoy inspections, meeting your unique needs with excellence.

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    Hose Services and Testing

    Proven expertise for hydrostatic and marine cargo hose testing, project-based services, underwater inspections, and efficient SBM 5 change-outs. We assure compliance, tailored solutions, and longevity for marine hoses

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