SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd is an active marine and civil contractor. We provide engineering and construction services including wharf and jetty services, heat exchanger services, steel fabrication and lots more

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    I would like to welcome you to our SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd corporate website. We are professional field operators within the oil and gas industry and will do our best to cope up with the client’s requirements and apply standard practices upon our project deliveries. SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd had vast experiences with handling critical missions projects and due to that we can present to you our track records and achievements for your reference. Please do contact us for more details.

    Mohammad Saufi bin Yusof,
    Managing Director
    SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd

    SAA Engineering and Marine Sdn. Bhd. (“SAAEMSB”) provides a wide range of integrated services and solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry.

    SAAEM is an active operator and player within the marine industry. SAAEMSB provides piping and structural works, hook-up & commissioning, maintenance of onshore and offshore and many more. In addition to the above, SAAEMSB is also involved in the underwater work services.

    Notwithstanding the above, SAAEMSB is also positioned to diversity into various business segments that include marine services, material and equipment supply and other related Oil & Gas serviced.

    Nurturing Talents

    SAAEMSB is committed on positioning itself as an organization that nurture experts, and professional individuals that would be a part of our efficient operations and future.

    Performance Emphasis

    SAAEM is committed to delivering works with highest quality standard and performance

    Strategic Objectives

    To establish SAAEM as a leading contractor is our present field of operation To steer SAAEM towards achieving maximum returns from the resources employed To strive for success in our field of business.


    Revenue 2010 – 2022 (Million)


    Successful Projects


    Collaegues & Counting


    Year of experience

    • Managing Director

      Mohammad Saufi bin Yusof

      Acting as SAAEMSB Managing Director, Mr Mohammad Saufi Yusuf established and developed a vast network in many Malaysian-based Oil and Gas companies.

    • Operation Director

      Mohd Anuwar bin Hamzah

      Mr Mohd Anuwar Hamzah involves directly in engaging customers for business development and marketing.

      Hanafi bin Omar

      Operation Manager (Downstream)

      Mohd Faris bin Nasrudin

      Procurement Manager

      Muhammad Safawi bin Muda

      Business Development Manager

      Mohd Hanif Bin Azaman

      General Manager (Upstream)

      Facilities & Assets

      Fabrication Yard & Warehouse

      Services : Warehousing, Minor Fabrication for Structural and Piping Works Total Yard Area : 7, 631.75 m2 Open Fabrication Area : 2,043 m² Covered Fabrication Area : 1,728 m² Covered Blasting & Painting Area : 288 m²


      Lot 2955, Jalan Kelisa, Kampung Layout Cacar Pantai, 23100, Paka, Dungun, Terengganu Darul Ima

      Operation Ready Equipments

      Welding Machine, Air Compressor, Cold Cut Tools Kit, Rigging Equipment, Complete Set Slogging Tools, Portable Lighting, Scaffolding Set, Portable Generator Habitat/Fire Blanket, Welding Accessories & Cable Air Hose, Air Manifold, Airless Pump, Hydrotest Fitting, NDT Equipment, Gas Detector

      Project Involvement

      The followings are SAAEM fabrication yard and facilities which are used to support the operations of the works and services perform at each location

      Our Moments

      A little sharing of our activities and what we do best

      Safety Is Priority Number 1!

      SAAEMSB Health, Safety and Environmental Management System demonstrates the company’s philosophy and commitment to HSE and explains in detail the practices, plans and procedures involved whilst support and integrating with the international standards of HSE excellence (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001:2008) into our operations and business.

      Our HSE Publication

      Our HSE Publication for reference


      Please fill in the form to be redirected to our HSE policies for your preview and download.