SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd is an active marine and civil contractor. We provide engineering and construction services including wharf and jetty services, heat exchanger services, steel fabrication and lots more

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    I would like to welcome you to our SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd corporate website. We are professional field operators within the oil and gas industry and will do our best to cope up with the client’s requirements and apply standard practices upon our project deliveries. SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd had vast experiences with handling critical missions projects and due to that we can present to you our track records and achievements for your reference. Please do contact us for more details.

    Mohammad Saufi bin Yusof,
    Managing Director
    SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd

    SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn Bhd (SAAEMSB) delivers a diverse range of integrated services and cutting-edge solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry, rooted in excellence, innovation, and safety.

    Welcome to SAA Engineering & Marine, a distinguished provider of engineering and marine solutions since 2011. Our commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency sets us apart in the industry. Specializing in steel fabrication, construction, maintenance, and piping, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of the oil & gas sector. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and a commitment to delivering projects with precision, we have become a trusted partner in the industry.

    At SAA Engineering & Marine, our vision is to be the preferred offshore EPCC contractor in the oil & gas and energy sector. We strive to uphold high-quality standards, foster a reputation built on respect, and promote continuous development. Join us on a journey of excellence and innovation as we collaborate to empower success. Contact us today to explore exciting collaboration opportunities that align with our mission and value.

    Versatile Expertise

    SAAEMSB excels in the oil and gas industry, offering services like steel fabrication, plant maintenance, marine construction, and offshore projects. Our skilled professionals guarantee top-notch quality and safety.

    Quality Management

    With ISO 9001-2015 certification, we are devoted to upholding an efficient quality management system, ensuring continuous improvement, industry standards adherence, and compliance with reputable certifications.

    Client-Centric Approach

    We prioritize client satisfaction through timely project delivery, meeting requirements, and offering efficient solutions. Transparent communication and reliability make us a trusted partner for esteemed industry clients.


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    • Managing Director

      Mohammad Saufi Bin Yusof

      As the Managing Director of SAAEMSB, Mr Saufi with a background in construction engineering, founded the company in 2011. His hands-on leadership and business acumen contribute to our sustained growth and success.

    • Operation Director

      Mohd Anuwar bin Hamzah

      Leading operations at SAAEMSB, Mohd Anuwar Hamzah ensures project success through skilled people management and negotiation. With a decade of experience, he co-founded the company in 2011, contributing to its growth and client satisfaction.


      Hanafi Bin Omar

      Operation Manager (Downstream)

      Mohd Faris Bin Nasrudin

      Procurement Manager

      Muhammad Safawi Bin Muda

      Business Development Manager

      Mohd Hanif Bin Azaman

      General Manager (Upstream)

      Rauf Arafat Bin Mohd Arshad

      Head of Admin & IT

      Facilities & Certification

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      Welcome to SAAEMSB, where innovation meets excellence. As a trailblazer in Marine & Petroleum Industry, we take pride in our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions. Explore our company profile to discover the heartbeat of our success. Uncover the story that defines us, and join us on a journey fueled by passion, precision, and progress. Your next adventure in excellence awaits – dive in now

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