Mohammad Saufi Bin Yusof

SAAEMSB Managing Director

Mr. Mohammad Saufi bin Yusof, a distinguished professional, has been a high achiever since his early academic pursuits. A proud alumnus of the University of Malaya, a renowned institution in Malaysia synonymous with producing top-tier talents, he graduated in 2000 with a Diploma in Civil Engineering, complemented by a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Linguistics.

With a wealth of experience, Mr. Saufi has held key executive roles in the construction industry, honing his expertise in construction engineering. His journey led him to Hamdan Abdullah Sdn Bhd (HASB), a leading oil and gas contractor, where he assumed the role of Manager for the Tendering and Contract Department. Demonstrating entrepreneurial acumen, he later took on the position of General Manager at Timorland Engineering Sdn Bhd. Mr. Saufi’s innate entrepreneurial spirit facilitated remarkable growth within the organization, earning him swift promotions.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to his vision, Mr. Saufi founded SAA Engineering and Marine (SAAEMSB) in 2011. As a hands-on CEO, he has played a pivotal role in the strategic growth and development of the company.

Mr. Saufi’s contributions extend beyond his technical acumen; his proficiency in business development and entrepreneurial flair has significantly propelled SAAEMSB’s success. Cultivating an extensive network within Malaysian-based oil and gas companies, he remains actively engaged in shaping business strategies. Mr. Saufi’s leadership ensures the seamless execution of key initiatives, placing SAAEMSB on a trajectory of sustained growth.

Today, as the Managing Director of SAAEMSB, Mr. Mohammad Saufi bin Yusof continues to embody excellence, steering the company to greater heights through effective governance and visionary leadership.

Encik Saufi , is a hands-on CEO, having worked as an Executives on a Construction company has gaining a good ground in construction engineering business. To further expand his horizon, he joined Hamdan Abdullah Sdn Bhd (HASB), a leading oil and contractors and made himself a Manager for Tendering and Contract Department. Shifting to test his entrepreneurship skills, he later joined Timorland engineering Sdn Bhd as a General Manager. Turned out to be a natural entrepreneur, he help to spur exciting growth in the organisation, which landed him a fast tracked promotion

Realizing that his dream could only be materialized by answering to the most demanding boss that himself, he left Timorlane Engineering to set up SAA Engineering and Marine (SAAEMSB) in 2011.

Despite being a competent and a hands-on executives, it is his business development skills and entrepreneurship nature that contribute most to the growth of SAAEMSB. He has established and developed a vast network in many Malaysian-based Oil and Gas companies. Today, Encik Saufi still plays an active and vital role in business strategics, governing and ensuring effectiveness execution of his key management team to put SAAEMSB into greater heights.

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