SAA Engineering & Marine: A Leading DOSH Contractor in Gas & Piping Services with ISO 9001-2015 Certification


SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn. Bhd., a distinguished company in the Oil & Gas industry, has garnered recognition for its excellence in providing comprehensive services in steel fabrication, construction, and maintenance work. One of the key areas where SAA has excelled is in its role as a DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) contractor for gas and piping services. Additionally, the company offers DOSH maintenance services for vessels, ensuring a commitment to safety and quality. The company holds ISO 9001-2015 certification, reflecting its dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality management.

DOSH Contractor for Gas & Piping:

SAA Engineering & Marine has established itself as a trusted DOSH contractor for gas and piping services. The company specializes in delivering top-notch solutions for both onshore and offshore projects. With a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and support staff, SAA ensures the implementation of best practices in gas and piping services. Their expertise extends to various areas, including plant maintenance services and onshore platform projects.

DOSH Maintenance of Vessels:

In addition to being a DOSH contractor for gas and piping, SAA Engineering & Marine provides DOSH maintenance services for vessels. This involves a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of vessels used in the Oil & Gas industry. The company’s commitment to adhering to DOSH regulations underscores its dedication to maintaining a secure working environment.

ISO 9001-2015 Certification:

SAA Engineering & Marine’s commitment to quality management is exemplified by its ISO 9001-2015 certification. This internationally recognized certification reflects the company’s adherence to stringent quality standards, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. SAA’s services are designed and executed with precision, ensuring that clients receive solutions that meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Notable Projects and Expertise:

SAA Engineering & Marine has successfully undertaken a myriad of projects, showcasing its prowess in gas and piping services as a DOSH contractor. Among the notable projects is the “Provision of Cargo Tanks Heating System Upgrading and Reinstatement” for FSO Puteri Dulang, MISC Berhad, amounting to RM 5.3 million. Additionally, the company has demonstrated expertise in projects such as “Marine Accessories (Fender Pad Spare Jetty)” and “Belzona for BAK-B Rooftop Perforation Splash Zone Structural Repair and Maintenance.”


SAA Engineering & Marine Sdn. Bhd. stands as a beacon of excellence in the Oil & Gas industry, particularly in the realm of gas and piping services. As a DOSH contractor, the company ensures the highest safety standards in its operations, and its DOSH maintenance services for vessels further underscore its commitment to occupational safety. With the prestigious ISO 9001-2015 certification, SAA Engineering & Marine continues to be a reliable partner for clients seeking top-tier quality and expertise in the dynamic field of Oil & Gas.